About Proffklubber.com

What is Proffklubber.com?
Proffklubber.com is Europe's largest organizer of FIFA tournaments. Since starting in March 2021, we have organized several of Europe's biggest and most high-profile FIFA tournaments. In our tournaments you will find a mix of both amateur and professional Esport teams. Our tournaments are streamed and commented on by our Esport commentators.

In our Pro Clubs tournaments, each group consists of 6 teams. Each team meets each other once. After the group stage is finished, the top 4 in each group advance to the play-offs. You are right: in our tournaments, there is a greater probability of progressing to the play-offs than making it out of the group stage.

How does it work?
Discord Serving
First of all, you need to join the discord server for the tournament. This is where all communication takes place. The link to the server can be found at the very bottom of the page.

There are no rules in our tournaments. All forms of gross cynicism are allowed here, but remember fair play. The rules can be found at the bottom of the page.

Gutta boys
Contact the guys and form a powerful team. There must be at least 2 players, and a maximum of 11. Who do you choose?

Sign up for your team
You can register your team through PayPal. Entrance ticket costs €18 / £16 per team - not per player.

Tournament Ready
This is when the fun starts. Get in shape and get ready for the start of the tournament. What tactics do you use?

It's coming home
It says honor and glory... and not least a juicy prize pool! The finals of our tournaments are streamed to hundreds of viewers. Legends are made here!