What is Proffklubber?
Proffklubber.com is Europe's largest organizer of Pro Club tournaments. Our teams are from all over Europe.

How do I register my team?
You must buy a ticket to join. Tickets are purchased through this website. One ticket costs €18 / £16 per team - not per player. After you have bought a ticket, it is important to join the Discord server. You will find a link to the server at the bottom of this page.

How do I know who my team will play against?
There will be match setups on this website, as well as on the Discord server 2 hours before the tournament starts. There you will find the group stage with match times and which teams you will face. The manager of your team will also be added to a manager chat in the Discord server. All the information comes there.

How much can you win?
It depends on how many teams are registered. No one in the company takes out a salary or dividend. All profits go back to operations, administration and development. A minimum of 50% of the ticket revenue goes directly to the prize pool. Exactly how much goes to 1st place, 2nd place etc. will be launched on the day of the tournament itself. Follow along in the Discord server.

What are the rules?
There are no rules in our tournaments. Inside the matches, all forms of gross cynicism are allowed. There is a high top level at the European Pro Clubs teams, and that is precisely why we want to make it possible for the less good teams to have the opportunity to assert themselves in our tournaments. We also have rules and guidelines that must be followed outside the game itself, in the form of fair play. You can find the rules at the bottom of the website.

When is the next tournament?
There is no pattern when we organize tournaments. We usually organize tournaments on Fridays, during holidays, in autumn and winter. We try to organize at least one tournament every three weeks. We always launch the tournaments on Discord before you find them on the website, so join the server to always be up to date.

How do I know this isn't a scam?
We are a Norwegian-registered limited company with a long history in the Norwegian FIFA environment. You will find previous winners and more history both here on the website + in the Discord server. In the server you will also find well over 10,000+ other Pro Club players who are engaged in and around our tournaments.

I have more questions. Where can I get answers to my questions?
Null stress. We are a team of 10 people who are at your service. You can contact us via email at the bottom of the website, or you can talk to a support/admin in the Discord server. Inquiries by e-mail are answered within 12 hours. Inquiries via Discord are often answered within 1 hour.